Often the first train of thought is to "calm" the skin down and whilst this is important, what's more important is to rebuild & strengthen the skin, in particular the langerhan cells which are what protect our skin from pathogens (yes, mites.) attacking.....


This is where the magic happens and along with combined therapies, we are able to strengthen & calm the skin, putting rosacea into controlled remission .

We're all in.....Are you?......

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Specially designed treatment combinations to help you achieve optimal results. 


Program over 6 months

DMK Enzyme Therapy  Level  1 

DMK Enzyme Therapy  Level  2 

DMK Enzyme Therapy  Level  3

3  Full Face Skin Needling

3 LED Light Therapy 

 1 DMK EFA's

1 DMK Beta Gel 


( Normally $2322 Saving  $327 )

T's & C's

To secure your package, credit card details are required. We do not charge your card and it is stored in a secure system called Salon Pay. We simply require 48 hrs notice for any cancellations or reschedules, otherwise a $50 cancellation fee will be incurred. 

Please note, treatment packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.