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About Us

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Hi Im Jules.

Having struggled with hormonal issues, melasma and pigmentation concerns due to my pregnancies over the years, my skin was in a terrible state and I struggled to find somewhere or someone with the knowledge, guidance and care to help me get my skin back to a healthy and vibrant state…without the need of injectables or surgery.

Due to my own needs and challenges, and spending my life surrounded by fabulous women, both professionally and in my personal life, it became very clear to me that many women and men of my age group or older, all have the same desire to have healthy vibrant skin without the use of injectables or surgery.

Through my own research and trying to fill this need, I embarked on 

​creating something that is a true reflection of where I am at in my life, and what is important to me today.

That is, to empower the men and women who visit us at the Skin Agencie, to be and feel like the best version of themselves. 

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