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Skin Needling
Precision treatments for transformative results.

Skin Needling

Skin needling stimulates the repair and regeneration of skin cells and is a popular method for wrinkle reduction, treating acne scarring and rejuvenating the complexion. 

Superfine microchannels are created at controlled depths in your skin to boost collagen and elastin production. Restorative actives are delivered deep into the skin layer for targeted, visible rejuvenation.

Here at the Skin Agencie, we use the industry leading Dermapen 4, as our tool of choice.


Dermapen meets fully regulatory compliance and holds Class 2 medical device certification.


Skin Needling Pricing

Full Face $290

Add Neck $50

Add Décolletage $100 


MG-Collection Meso Glide $50

LED Light Therapy $50

Chemical Peel $100

Laser Genesis $150

Pre-purchase a series of 4 treatments and receive 50% off your 5th treatment

Frequently asked questions

Considering our skin revision treatments, or while you are waiting to come and see us, we have put together a set of frequently asked questions ,which will answer some common questions you may have, and lots of information you may not have thought of yet.

How Does it work?

Skin needling using a  fractional dermal needling device uses sterile, needle cartridges to create small micro channels in the skin and deliver topical ingredients.

These micro-channels in the skin initiate a  wound healing response. This then triggers fibroblast stimulation and growth factors, which then stimulate the bodies natural production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

It works with treating fine lines and wrinkles, a visable reduction in pore size, acne and acne acaring, stretch marks and pigmentation.

What areas can be treated?

All parts of your body can be treated. 

Is there any downtime?

No.  There is minimal downtime involved after the procedure. The skin can feel warm and will be flushed, but this subsides in 12 to 48 hours following your treatment.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

We would recommend having a minimum course of 4 treatments, depending on your skin concerns and goal.

Often after just one treatment, you will see an improvement in skin texture, tone, and an overall brighter complexion. 

The recommended treatment program will be thoroughly discussed with you during your consultation with us. 

Do i need a consultation?

Yes.  Prior to any treatment being performed, we conduct a 30 min consultation with you. 

During your consultation, we will discuss with you your skin goals, using the skin industry's leading skin analysis device, the Observ, and walk you through all facets of your treatment.   

We kindly ask all clients to arrive 15 min prior to your appointment. 

Does it hurt?

Your comfort is a priority for us. If you are concerned about any discomfort, you are welcome to use a topical topical local anaesthetic ( numbing cream ) .

The recommended use of these creams will be thoroughly discussed with you during your consultation with us. 

Green Fee

We are a proud member of Sustainable Salons Australia, who help us recycle or repurpose 95% of our salon waste. 

A $3 Green Fee will be added to each guests bill per visit, which enables us to utilise the sustainable salon initiative and do better for our environment.

Is a deposit required for my treatment ?

All consultations with ua are complementary.

A booking fee of $50 will be required to secure your treatment appointment with us. 


For services over $350, a booking fee of $100 is required.  

Your booking fee will be used towards the total cost of your treatment on the day of your service.

Prior to booking your appointment with us, please review our complete booking policy 

What payment options do you have?

Our payment options include all major credit cards, cash and Afterpay and Zippay.

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