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After 13 Weeks

Melbourne's HIFU Treatment Specialists

Located in Melbourne, we are specialists in HIFU treatments. We use the latest 4D HIFU technology. Our clinicians have all the skill and experience you could ask for.  What sets us apart is our progressive approach to your skin. 

Not only can we lift your skin and smooth lines and wrinkles, we can also help you look after the health of your skin, to help you increase the longevity of the results of your treatment and look amazing for longer. 

The people closest to you will be saying “ Oh my goodness, you look so fresh and amazing….you look so vibrant…something has changed….”

What is a HIFU treatment?

High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU), pronounced  "Hi Foo", is a safe, non-surgical ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin.

The treatment uses the body’s own regenerative response to gently and gradually lift skin and smooth lines and wrinkles, using your body’s own collagen-building process for natural, noticeable results.

How Does it work?

HIFU treatment for the face works as a non-invasive facelift, to produce fresh, new collagen. The treatment itself doesn’t involve any creams, fillers or toxins.

It works by using ultrasonic energy in combination with heat. The ultrasonic energy and heat bypass the surface of the skin, to deliver targeted energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues and muscles of the skin.

It is adjustable to target the upper dermis, lower dermis and most importantly, the SMAS layer that sits between the muscle and the fat, which is more difficult to reach with other modalities like lasers, radio frequency and other cosmetic procedures,  and is the actual area a plastic or cosmetic surgeon would pull and tighten under the knife.

This gives us the flexibility for treating any layer based on the patient’s condition and especially useful in dealing with patients of differing facial tissue thickness and textural quality.

HIFU targets these layers without any surgical incisions, giving the patient a no-downtime facelift.


This means you can gain excellent results without any risks associated with surgery.


Treatments are fast and results are seen immediately! This is why the HIFU treatment is known as the ‘lunch time face lift’.​

This results in a tightening effect of the tissues from the inside out.


It tightens the skin, irons out wrinkles, shrinks pores, targets the ‘V’ line formation and jowl lines. It also improves the overall skin tone, brightness and elasticity.

The results are simply AMAZING!


What areas can be treated?

HIFU treatments at the Skin Agencie for the face include:

 Forehead & Frown Lines

Eye and mouth area

Eyebrows, crow’s feet & hooded eye lids

Cheeks, sagging neck & double chins



We use the latest 2020 4D HIFU technology, including a pen applicator, which is optimised to target the facial curves and narrow areas such as T-zone, forehead, under eyes and around the mouth, where a standard HIFU cartridge is unable to accurately treat.


HIFU Body Contouring Treatments

HIFU is so versatile it can also be used to contour parts of your body, by eliminating stubborn fat, helping you to lose fat and improve body shape whilst tightening and lifting the skin.

It's perfect for people close to their ideal size and shape – but need help where diet and exercise just won’t work.

We have a wide range of body contouring treatments to help you get your body summer ready.  

Medical Grade TGA Approved


Amazing results along with the highest level in client safety comes from using the highest  quality equipment, advanced training techniques and customer care. 

Our medical grade HIFU equipment is TGA approved (ARTG  no 355280 ) and our team are backed by local and international training, in the most advanced techniques in the market-place today.  These techniques are not readily available to clinics in Australia and  require a significant investment in technology and  training, which we perform on an on-going basis. 

Want To Know More ?

Considering HIFU, or while you are waiting to come and see us, we have put together a set of HIFU treatment frequently asked questions ,which will answer some common questions you may have, and lots of information you may not have thought of yet.

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Virtual Consultations

Looking at HIFU and want to know more? We are here to help. We are offering complimentary 30 min virtual consultations to help answer all of your questions.  Our consultations are obligation FREE. Click on the link below to book your virtual consultation today. 

HIFU Treatment Before and Afters

To view more of our guest before & afters, visit our gallery page



Immediately After

IMG_2596 2.jpg


After 6 months

Full face HIFU to improve overall texture, increase collagen production and reduce fine lines around the mouth and jowl area. 

Our guest was thrilled with these amazing results!!



After 9 weeks

Full face HIFU to jump start a full skin rejuvenation to improve overall complexion, soften smokers lines and increase collagen and elastin giving our guest a more youthful firm appearance. 



After 5 weeks

Distinct tightness and lift creating much stronger definition of the jawline and lift of the jowl area.

Incredible rejuvenation  and brightening of the eye area. Instant lift & plumping of these fine lines. 



Immediately After

Using HIFU to treat hooded eyelids and decrease tissue around the lower eye area.


Our guest was thrilled with these amazing results!!







Immediately After

Instant firming and tightness in the chin and neck area

Distinctive tightness and structure of definition in the jawline. Instant firmness of loose skin in the neck.






Immediately after

Elimination of crows feet around the eyes. Skin more plumped and filled out. 

Results will continue to  improve over next 3 months. 





Elimination of crows feet and reduction of lines under eyes and eye bags. 

Further improvement of results over the next 3 months. 





Overall skin complexion is brighter and rejuvenated. 

Fine lines have diminished. Hydration levels have increased. 

Further improvement of results over the next 3 months. 






What is the cost of HIFU treatment?

HIFU treatments are available on an individual area basis or our HIFU package bundles designed to meet your specific needs. 

Looking for a holistic approach to your skin goals combining our non surgical skin tightening and skin revision treatments,  our Face & Body packages are the   perfect way to have you looking and feeling like a lighter, brighter, tighter and smoother version of yourself.

Face and Neck

Eyes $350

Mouth $350

Forehead $400

Face ( excludes close area around the eyes and mouth  ) $1100

Full Face ( includes close area around the eyes and mouth  ) $1800

Neck $800

Jowls $700


Refresh and Go

Our express package ( where we target your skin at a depth of 1.5mm ) to remove fine lines, improve complexion and rejuvenate your skin. 

Face & Neck $1400*

Refresh - Face $1050*

Refresh - Neck $350

*Includes close area around the eyes and mouth


Chest/Décolletage $600

Arms $850

Abdomen $1200

Back $800

Buttocks $1200

Upper Leg  ( Thighs )  $1500

Lower Leg $800

Full Leg $2000

Hands $250 

Flanks ( Love Handles ) $800

Bra Strap Roll $850

Green Fee

We are a proud member of Sustainable Salons Australia, who help us recycle or repurpose 95% of our salon waste. 

A $2 Green Fee will be added to each guests bill per visit, which enables us to utilise the sustainable salon initiative and do better for our environment.