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HIFU Body Contouring

Eliminate stubborn fat with the worlds most advanced Ultrasound treatment - HIFU. 

No Needles! No Downtime! 

Book your free consultation today for your personalised treatment plan.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for the Body

At the skin Agencie, our HIFU body treatments, treat and eliminate stubborn fat.

At the same time, HIFU can also speed up the body's metabolism as well as shrink skin fibres, helping you to lose fat and improve your body shape whilst tightening and lifting the skin.

It's perfect for people close to their ideal size and shape – but need help where diet and exercise just won’t work.

The people closest to you will be saying “ Oh my goodness, you look so fresh and amazing….you look so vibrant…something has changed….”


Before !st Treatment

After 2nd treatment
( 1 month apart ) 


Before !st Treatment

After 2nd treatment
( 1 month apart ) 

 How Does it work?

Applying high intensive focused ultrasound to targeted parts of the body,  breaks down fat into fatty acids and glycerol.

Some fatty acids and glycerol are then metabolised through the lymphatic system and some fatty acids and glycerol are expelled from the body via from perspiration and urine.

In addition to  reducing fat,  as HIFU is able to also penetrate into the SMAS layer of the skin,  the production of new collagen results in improved skin elasticity, lighter skin and reduced wrinkles. 

The results are a slimmer body and tighter skin! 

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.42.42 pm.PN
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.42.13 pm.PN

What areas can be treated?

Treatment areas for the body include: 


Chest/Décolletage and Top area of the Breast






Flanks( Love Handles )

Bra Strap Roll

Medical Grade TGA Listed


Amazing results along with the highest level in client safety comes from using the highest  quality equipment, advanced training techniques and customer care. 

Our medical grade HIFU equipment is TGA approved (ARTG  no 355280 ) and our team are backed by local and international training, in the most advanced techniques in the market-place today.  These techniques are not readily available to clinics in Australia and  require a significant investment in technology and  training, which we perform on an on-going basis. 

HIFU Treatment Packages

Looking to kick start your rejuvenation? We've got you covered. 


We've bundled together our most popular HIFU Face and & Body treatments with amazing value.  


There's an option to suit everyones needs.

Serious Client Results

Tighten & Glow

If you need Tighter, Plump & Smooth dewy skin, this treatment is for YOU!

Our HIFU Glow treatment is the perfect rejuvenation treatment to smooth out fine lines and give you a glowing, plump complexion. 

This is the perfect treatment prep for a special occasion, maintenance treatment, or simply give your skin the  boost it needs! 

This 1 hour treatment, its perfect for those on the go.  

This treatment protocol is exclusive to The Skin Agencie!​

April Promotion - Complimentary Neck Upgrades

HIFU Glow Full Face & Neck 

$450 ( normally $550 )

Express HIFU Glow

Perfect for that does of plumpness and brightness or as an introduction to HIFU. 

Full Face & Neck $169 ( normally $250 )


Chemical Peel  $100 

Laser Genesis  $100 

Choose From

Lift, Contour & Tighten

Our Premier HIFU Face & Neck Package

Choose from 

Upper Face or Lower Face $499 

Full Face $699 

Full Face and Neck $899 

Single Treatment Area $350 

Chemical Peel Add-On $100 

All options Include Complimentary:

Full face skin health review using our advanced skin camera analysis. ( Value $200 )


Medical grade LED Light Therapy. ( Value $50 )

30 min review 12 weeks post treatment for analysis. ( Value $200 )


Our Premier HIFU Body  Package

Would you like to feel a little tighter, a little smoother, a little slimmer or all 3?

Choose From and of the following areas


Bra Strap Roll



Upper Leg

Lower Leg

Flanks (Love Handles)

For ONLY $700 per area ( single treatment ) 


For optimal results 

Buy 2 and receive 50% off your 3rd treatment $1750

Green Fee

We are a proud member of Sustainable Salons Australia, who help us recycle or repurpose 95% of our salon waste. 

A $3 Green Fee will be added to each guests bill per visit, which enables us to utilise the sustainable salon initiative and do better for our environment.

HIFU Treatment Before and Afters

To view more of our before & afters, visit our gallery page



Immediately after

hellen ass.JPG


After 1 Month



Immediately After



After 3 Months



After 3 Months

When Will I See Results?

After your HIFU Treatment, you may see some initial effect, but the ultimate results will take place over 2-3 months, as your body naturally removes the fat and  regenerates collagen. 

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

Combined with a healthy lifestyle, most clients only need one treatment.


Based on the body composition and degree of skin laxity,  some clients may benefit from additional treatments.

Follow-up treatments can be performed  1 month after your previous treatment. 

For optimal results, we recommend a program of 3 treatments.

Complimentary Consultations

Looking at HIFU and want to know more? We are here to help. We are offering complimentary consultations to help answer all of your questions. 


Our consultations are obligation FREE. Click on the link below to book your consultation today. 

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